What is The Crafters Fair?

The Crafters Fair in an online Marketplace built specifically for Crafting Folk as a Venue to sell your Handmade products, Gifts, and excess or new Craft Supplies.

Why is it FREE to sell?

As crafters ouselves, we know how much hard work goes into making your creations. And we also know that there's nothing more de-motivational than seeing the majority of your hard skilled work being eaten up by greedy sales fees!

That's why we make it totally FREE to buy and sell. But as with any business we also need to make some money, which is why there are small fees for listing enhancements and larger trade store usage.

Why is the Website displaying US Dollars?

Our Marketplace serves USA, UK & Ireland. The largest market for crafting products is the USA. Therefore by default the website uses US Dollars.

However, we also allow you to sell in UK Pounds and Euros. You can choose which Currency you use depending on your target market.

Is the Website Secure?

The simple answer is YES!

We use an industry standard SSL certificate supplied by Comodo (one of the world's biggest names in online security).

As with any website there is a risk. Websites belonging to large governments get hacked regularly, so there is no 100% secure website.

However, we have taken the utmost precautions to ensure your Security.

Am I safe from Scammers and Fraudsters?

As with any online marketplace there is always risk of abuse.

We have a feedback system and secure payment systems to keep this risk minimal.

We monitor sellers and products carefully and have a strict policy on non compliance.

ALWAYS read the sellers feedback first before bidding or buying.

NEVER send an item without payment being cleared.

If it seems too good to be true, then it probably isn't!

Just be careful!

What is the Free Credit for?

We want to make this work and become a happy, lively marketplace.

To encourage this we give all new users FREE CREDIT. This can be used to pay for listing enhancement Fees.